Thursday, March 4, 2010


I've been a horrible eater -- Oreos were my downfall.  Several Oreos in fact.

I did so well, all week and then last night I was really, really tired and feeling stressed.  I know the tiredness is a side effect of the fibromyalgia and the tired I get the more stressed I feel -- basically a bad cycle going round and round. 

So did I go to bed early?  Yes, but not before I consumed a good chunk of a package of Oreos. 
Should I have had a plate of fruit instead?  Yes, and I did try this.  Cantaloupe (sp?), honeydew, fresh pineapple and grapes.   

So I overate on junk and ate a big helping of fruit and washed it down with an icky articficially sweetened drink.

Thank God today was a new day!

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  1. I always ate the entire package of Oreos if they were in my house. The whole thing. All by myself.


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