Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Firsts in our Kitchen

We're having some great firsts in our kitchen.
This morning we made our first soy milk and this afternoon I intend to make
our first bread with okara added.
I also went on Amazon and ordered a few things I couldn't find.
I thought I could stick just to the grocery store, but things are getting old fast.
I will still buy 99% of my supplies there, but there are two things I can't get that
I really want to add....vital wheat gluten and nutritional yeast.
I've ordered those two things via Amazon.

I'm really excited because I think dh and I are ready to advance beyond our
regular diet with meat left out to a real vegan diet.

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  1. I use a lot of nutritional yeast! It's a great source of B vitamins! If you like mac & cheese, try my Mac Daddy recipe, on my blog. The best mac & cheese I've yet found (and uses nooch (short for nutritional yeast) and tofu.

  2. You go girl! I'm so glad you checked out the big A (Amazon), maybe it will replace the big W (Walmart) for some things in the near future. That being said, let's still advocate to get independent natural food stores into our neighborhoods, cities, and states, and the big W to carry more of what all of our families need to pursue healthy and whole food living. The party's just begun!

    Disclosure: I can get nutritional yeast cheaper locally at my health food store than at Amazon, but vital wheat gluten is cheaper at the big A. Go figure. Keep checking (and nagging) your local sources.


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