Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Our Trip

I didn't really feel great while we were on our trip so I spent all my time snuggled in.

Meals were pretty simple.
On the ride we had veggie burgers from BK.  Not sure if they are vegan or not, but we decided it was the best we could find and still ride. (We were late leaving..lol)

At the resort there was a pretty good restaurant that also did the room service .
I had potatoes with onions for breakfast.  Not fancy, but filling.  Most of the breakfast foods had either meats or cheese.
For lunch I had a veggie wrap -- tomato and basil wrap filled with grilled veggies and an order of fries.
For supper we didn't do as well.  Dh didn't want anything the restaurant had to offer and he went out and picked up vegetarian pizza complete with cheese.  It was the first time I'd eaten anything out of "range" since I started and ironically I felt rather guilty about it

I've been careful to eat extra veggies and try to cleanse my system since I got back.

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