Sunday, February 14, 2010

All Tales Begin Somewhere

All tales begin somewhere and this one begins here in a small village on the coast of North Carolina.  A woman, who for health's sake believes that a vegan diet is the best plan for her life, finds herself overloaded with fabulous vegan cookbooks full of ingredients she can't find without traveling for hours. 

She knows her new diet is supposed to be kinder to her body, kinder to animals and overall kinder to the planet.  She quickly learns that ideally she'd grow all her own food, but reality is what it is....and that just isn't happening.  So now she's left with two choices --

Does she throw her hands up in the air and give up her new convictions?
Does she chose the lesser of two evils and figure out how to make the best of her options?

She wrestles with the online voices that bemoan the evils of Walmart  knowing that it is the most likely source for the widest variety of foods for her and her family.  Finally she decides that a stand, no matter how small, is still a stand and from here on out she will be called

The Walmart Vegan.

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