Friday, February 19, 2010

Planning Next Week

This cookbook is one of my favorites already. Most of the recipes are very down to earth. There are a few ingredients I cannot find. The nutritional yeast, vegan mayo and flavored tofus aren't in Walmart. However, I do have another cookbook with a recipe for tofu mayo that I can use and this book gives information on flavoring your own tofu so all is not lost.

I'm working on next week's menu. This week I fell short on some meals. We ate larger amounts of them than I planned for. I'm trying to make a more liberal menu this week. So I've decided to use a lot of the recipes in this book in my menu. What better way to review a cookbook than trying out recipes and sharing my experiences here.

So be prepared for a lot of recipe talk next week.

And as for tonight -- I'm trying to convince dh that we should skip the menu and eat out...LOL
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