Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Pleasant Surprise

Do you ever notice that no matter how much you plan things other things come up? Well, my plan for this week was to use my set up of menus to showcase The Vegan Family Cookbook. It won’t be this week though. To get to Walmart I’d have to drive three hours round trip and it just wasn’t happening. I thought it would because we weren’t as planned as busy as we ended up to be on Saturday. Then today I got a call from my mama at a few minutes after ten wanting to know if she could come visit for the afternoon. It has been a long time since she came down so I wasn’t about to say no. So I am saving my menu for next week.

We did go to the local grocery store and I picked up more things than I had imagined I could find. One thing about it – there aren’t many processed vegan foods there.

We’re looking at a good eating week even without my trip to Walmart.

I came home with:

• Rutabegas –2 large

• Cabbage – 1 large

• Slaw mix – 1 bag

• Carrots – 2 bags

• Yellow onions – 2 large

• Red onions – 1 large

• Spinach – 2 tubs

• Apples – 1 bag

• Zucchini – 4 tiny

• Canned giant lima beans – 2 cans

• Green onions – 1 bunch

• Red potatoes – 15 lbs.

• 1 can of olives (new brand to try)

• Dill pickle spearbs – 1 jar

• Celery

• Blackberries

• Frozen speckled butter beans

• 2 bags of frozen hashbrown potatoes

• Green bell pepper

• Chocolate soy milk – I know, but at least they had some kind of soy milk…and I wanted to encourage them to order it.

• Coffee and chicory blend

• Sweet potatoes – 3 whole

• Sweet potatoes – 2 cans

• Brown rice – 1 bag

• Whole wheat flour – 5 lbs.

I may have been wrong about my initial assessment. Obviously you see no tofu, no vegetarian pre-mades (like burgers) or things like that, but I don’t need them to survive.

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  1. I am not even remotely vegan, but I do like vegetables - a lot! Grains too, and I've been finding lots of recipes for veggies burgers in some of my books. Some of them call for an egg (which I know you cannot use), but I bet that wheat gluten would make a good binder too, and I know that milled flax seed is used in some recipes as an egg substitute. I bet you could get a complete protein with some brown rice, beans, veggies for flavor, and you'd have your own veggie burgers that taste better and cost less. :)


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