Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gift from Hubby

After a lot of great reviews and seeing how many containers of soymilk we're going through a week, dh "authorized" the ordering of a soymilk maker.  I looked at various reviews and decided this one meets the basic requirements I'm looking for.  I also ordered the "tofu" kit and some organic soybeans.
We're excited to have the ingredients for quick milk on hand and to lessen the amount of boxes we toss in the trash.  Then add that it costs less than I am current spending.  Makes for a happy decision.

I've been reasearching recipes for the Okara and looking at tips for "homemade" tofu.

I still haven't planned this weeks menu and tomorrow is the day to
I'd better get busy.


  1. Now that is just impressive and cool! I didn't even know they made a device like that!

  2. The biggest advantage to making your own soy milk, for me, besides the cost savings, is the taste. Yes, it does have that little "beany" taste, but I could not believe the freshness the first time I made some. A revelation! The brand of machine I have is SoyaJoy, very similar to yours I think. Store bought soy milk is a lot flatter tasting, plus they add WAY too much sugar, and I am not anti sugar at all.

    That being said, I have not made a lot of homemade soy milk yet, but will eventually wean myself off of store bought when I get better at scheduling soy milk making! It does take some time to do machine cleanup.

    A side note- I read your "Welcome to the Walmart Vegan" sidebar, and one resource worth checking out for vegan supplies in the land of Walmart is Amazon- they have a subscription service for a lot of grocery type items, including many ingredients vegetarians and vegans have come to rely on. I have subscriptions for vital wheat gluten (for making seitan), nuts, and powdered soy milk (for using in baking in place of powdered cow milk). Check it out if you haven't already. The prices are cheaper than I can get locally (although you are buying small bulk quantities, not individual boxes), shipping is free if it's a subscription, and you can change the frequency of your deliveries at will.


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